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10 Ways to Stop Being Tofu and Start Being Uniquely YOU

If you’ve ever had tofu you’ve probably noticed that on it’s own tofu is rather bland. BUT when it’s mixed with something else… well, that’s when it takes on the flavor of whatever it’s mixed with. It NEEDS those other ingredients in order to have an identity and flavor.

I used to be like tofu, flavorless and without identity. This led to relationships where I settled, career choices where I settled, ultimately a life of settling, molding and melding in order to fit somewhere… anywhere.

It wasn’t until I got to know me, understanding what was blocking me from sharing me with the world, that is when I stopped being tofu-ish.

I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart there is NEVER a need for any of us to be like tofu. EVER! Each one of us brings with us our own unique flavor. Our own unique way of being that is not like any other. It is our uniqueness that helps us to create more peace, more abundance, more joy, and those authentic connections with others.

To avoid being like tofu, here are 10 things you can do to bring out your own flavor:

  1. Quit with the comparisons.
    Comparing yourself with others does two things: it tells the Universe and those around you that you’re nothing special (B.S! TOTAL B.S!), and it does a great job of hiding what makes you special. So if you catch yourself comparing, stop right then and there.
  2. Get to know your awesomeness up close and personal.
    What makes you, you? What qualities and characteristics do you have? What do you value? How would you describe yourself? Any of these questions will help you to get acquainted with you.
  3. Practice the art of self-care.
    When you are fried and crispy you become more susceptible to fear, doubt, insecurities and the like. Taking just 10 minutes every day to recharge and rest can make a huge difference in bringing out your own flavor.
  4. Remind yourself that you have no control over what others think.
    Yep, I know this is easier said than done, but it’s true. The time is now to stop being held hostage by something none of us has control over.
  5. Celebrate the wins.
    It is all too common to move from one activity, task, project, or goal to the next without taking the time to pause and acknowledge. Starting today, take some time to acknowledge your wins no matter what the size.
  6. Have some fun by yourself.
    Take yourself on a date and do something fun for you and with you. Nothing says flavor more than fun.
  7. Gag your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee (negative, self doubting thoughts).
    Our brains don’t know reality from fiction. What we feed it, it gives right back. If you’re telling yourself things like, “I’m so fat… no one is going to like me,” your brain is saying, “Yep, that’s true, because I believe you.” So gag those voices when you hear them.
  8. Gift yourself a hobby.
    Nothing adds flavor like a fun hobby. If you have one that needs to be taken off the shelf and dusted, please do.
  9. Do the work, and I mean the personal development work.
    What drives you to want to mold and meld? What stands in the way of you sharing your unique flavor with the world? When you can get to the source, you find all sorts of long lasting solutions.
  10. Recognize that you have more to gain by being you.
    When you aren’t trying to mold or meld with others, you get the amazing opportunity to connect with people who enjoy you for who you are. You gain more peace of mind, more energy, because it’s a real drag and drain to keep trying to be someone you’re not in order to fit.

So here’s to being your own flavor and leaving tofu where it belongs… in the kitchen.

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We are all unique and we should strive to be our unique selves.  This article gives some great tips.

What do you think about being your unique self?


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