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Hi there! Welcome to my site Beauty with Sandy M.

I am Sandy M.  I’m a creative, artistic type of person. I love beauty, and I see it everywhere.  I chose to help others see beauty as I do.  I feel that beauty is way more than what the eyes see, but it includes what we hear, and also how we feel.  I will be offering suggestions on products that will help you look and feel your best.  I want everyone to feel beautiful.

My creativity touches many facets of life.

I love baking. From casseroles to pastries, I love the smell and the taste of a beautiful dish.  I also used to decorate cakes. I’ve done beautiful cakes for weddings and events. I’ve even won ribbons for my cake decorating.  (That was many years ago, lol)

Sewing is something I’ve always enjoyed. Sewing to create beauty is long lasting.  I’ve done hand sewing to create hangings and pictures.  I’ve done machine sewing for many years and even though I hadn’t had the opportunity to sew much lately, I actually made a quilt for each of my kids for Christmas. (yes, that was crazy!)

I love to read and to learn about new things. I have favorites as everyone does, mine include Max Lucado, Elizabeth George, Johanna Lindsey, and Dani Johnson.  I love learning, and  with an online business I have plenty of training to keep me busy!

I think music is good for the soul.  It can affect your mood, it can relax you, and it can energize you!  I love listening to music.  My favorite kind of music is Christian and Country music, I usually sing along even though I just can’t sing!

I’m so blessed to have a wonderful loving family.  I’m blessed to have my family close by. We are there for each other when the need arises. I live in Ohio.

I do have a son and daughter-in-law in Tennessee. I love visiting them. I love the beautiful and peaceful mountains!

I have adult children and a few grandchildren.  (yes, I’m a grandma!)  My new little grand-daughter is the apple of my eye!  I’m trying to make her a “little me”!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more.  I’d love to know more about you!  Drop me a line.

Feel free to contact me at beautywithsandym@gmail.com


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